Implants & Wisdom Teeth

Every tooth matters.

Teeth create you. Yep. We’re that bold in saying it. The fundamental building blocks surrounding a beautiful, youthful face include your teeth. They provide facial support, bulk, tautness to your skin, and form. Teeth are obviously involved in chewing but the ‘smile’ is more than just white chicklets.

Missing a tooth?

Implants are a state-of-the-art dental procedure that will restore lost single teeth to turning those old dentures into hockey pucks. ¬†They are technically tooth ‘root’ replacements and will act and feel like a normal tooth. The procedure is relatively painless with most patients relating that an Advil was all they needed. Missing a tooth? Dental implants are the answer.

Every tooth matters…except wisdom teeth…

and, yes, we take out wisdom teeth right here in town!